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Updated 8-15-16

7-16-16 is our newest site. Hopefully it will be an index of sorts for the info that is spread over all of our Meyer Plow web sites. It will also be a place where visitors can help each other with finding a fix for the particular problem they are having with their Meyer Plow.

The Xpress Plow debuted in 2004. It was the first pickup sized Aggressor X Moldboard. It has been replaced by the Lot Pro. Initially the Xpress used the E-88 hydraulic unit which was a wireless controlled unit. It was replaced by the E-68 which was hardwired. Original owners of the E-88 were eligible for a free upgrade to the E-68. Although the Xpress mountings have been discontinued, there is still a way to mount an Xpress on a truck using an Xpress specific Lift Frame that mates to the EZ Plus Mount. It is not cheap, but it will allow you to use an Xpress you have on a new truck. The Xpress to EZ Plus mount is part#16560.

When the Xpress first came out, it was wireless as I mentioned above. It used the VEHICLE harness to send signals, and it was a miserable failure. It took Meyer about 2 years to rectify the problem, so they got a HUGE black eye over the whole fiasco. The good that came out of it was the 22691 Universal Harness design. Once the Xpress was hardwired it was an awesome plow with features no other plow offered. It was hands down the easiest to mount and dismount. It was the ONLY plow that when raised, remained level when angling left and right to improve ground clearance, and had an automatic lower mode. The automatic lower mode allowed the plow to be controlled by the vehicle transmission. When the vehicle was shifted into reverse, the plow would drop automatically. This was useful for back dragging in areas such as loading docks, and close to buildings. They could not incorporate automatic raise mode for a couple of years due to an existing patent. Once the existing patent ran out, Meyer did add automatic lower mode, which today is called ~Hands Free Plowing~ and standard on all current Pistol Grip and Joystick controllers.

The 22691 Universal Harness has been used on every Meyer plow system since. It makes the truckside connection fleet friendly. In 2016 Meyer came out with the SOS (Standard Operating System) which does NOT use the 22691 Universal Harness, but that is another story.

Yes, as you can see below it is cheaper to buy the Lift Frame AND Clevis versus just the Lift frame.

Click on the image below for an exploded view and parts list.

Click on the image below for an exploded view and parts list of the Xpress Plow.

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